The luxury of a private chef, with the convenience of delivery.

We’re a culinary services company focused on helping you live your best life through elevated, personalized meals.

At The Pickled Beet, We Set a New Standard for Private Chef Services

You’ve worked hard to get here and you deserve nothing but the best. You have uncompromising standards and high expectations; and so do we. It’s why every meal starts with freshly harvested ingredients from organic farmers, fish that was caught last night by local South Florida fishermen, and grass-fed beef and lamb flown in from small American family ranches.

 We deliver 100% customized meals that are uniquely prepared to nourish, heal, and make the “everyday” a little more enjoyable.

You’re a Unique Individual. We Believe Your Meals Should Be Too

That’s why when we design your personal chef service – it’s all about you. It’s why every meal is thoughtfully sourced, prepared based on your precise specifications and lifestyle, and packaged and delivered to your home or business multiple times each week according to your schedule. 

We understand how difficult life can be when you are faced with the challenges of living with severe food allergies, sensitivities, or medical conditions that require strict protocols. We can accommodate any diet or lifestyle. Celiac, Anti-inflammatory, Alkaline, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Mediterranean, postpartum, Autoimmune Protocol, Low FODMAP, weight loss… you name it, we cook it.

We Deliver Food as Medicine

We are not a cookie-cutter meal prep production. Each week our professional chefs design a completely personalized menu for each individual client. You approve your meals, flavors, and ingredients, or request your favorite dishes based on what you’re craving, how you’re feeling, or your interest in trying a new type of cuisine. Our chefs get to know you so we can make sure your favorite meals end up on your dinner table every week.

We are one of Miami’s most highly acclaimed personal chef services, and have been delivering our award-winning meals to busy individuals and families in South Florida for more than 16 years. We are also one of the only personal chef services in Miami who have the culinary knowledge and extensive experience to help you navigate medical maladies or retain your good health. We partner with medical professionals to further your health goals by designing meals based on your nutritional needs.

Whether your goal is to heal through food, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or prioritize nutrition to prevent illness or future conditions, our team can guide you on your mission to live your very best life.


Imagine a weekly dinner lineup of 5-star meals reminiscent of the flavors of your favorite fine dining restaurants in South Florida. Let us make that dream a reality for not only dinner but breakfast, lunch, desserts, and snacks, too. 
No one has time to meal plan, grocery shop, and spend time in the kitchen every single day. Our average client gains 20 hours of free time a week when we start cooking for them. Special dietary needs can require twice that. We eat (pun intended) those hours for you.
If weight loss, muscle gain, or a boost in athletic performance are what you crave, consider The Pickled Beet your coach in the kitchen. We can portion your meals perfectly based on your assigned macros and calorie needs so your nutrition can fuel the body you’re working for.
Your meals, your way. Craving something sweet this week? Missing a taste of home? Have family or friends coming into town? Need some on-the-go options for a busy travel schedule? We can amend your service week-to-week based on your needs.


Nutritious meals that maximize your longevity and performance


High quality, organic foods tailored to your unique needs or restrictions


Delicious, inventive dishes to enhance your overall well-being



We don’t repeat the same entree in your personal chef service within 3 months unless you request it.

Miami Athletes Require High-Performance Meals

We specialize in creating weekly meals designed to help athletes and fitness professionals achieve and sustain their peak performance.

✓  100% Customized Nutrition
✓  Macro-Friendly Recipes
✓  Perfectly Portioned Meals
Are You Ready to Elevate Your Lifestyle With Healthy Meal Delivery?


Our simple, 5-minute food questionnaire could change your life.


See how our personal chef service provides our clients with more time, better overall health, and a stress-free culinary experience.
“Our chef  pays strict attention to our dietary needs and continually comes up with new additions to our old favorites!” Nadine B.
“The Pickled Beet’s lunch and dinner chef service has been amazing for us. The variety of delicious and healthy options provided keeps us on track with eating healthy and enjoying our food. The meals are delivered on time with notifications on the departure and arrival of the meals. It’s been a smooth process transitioning to Pickled Beet. A well deserved 5 star rating!” Jordan M.
“The Pickled Beet is amazing! Not only do I get delicious and healthy food that helps manage my special dietary needs, but it also helps me manage my time. Between work, kids, their school, and any other life’s little surprises, I get the comfort and convenience of just having to heat and eat.” Jenny B.
“The Pickled Beet is always so creative. Their chefs extract flavors from food and dishes like no other. From preparing delicious and weekly tasty dinners for a few, to gatherings of 20 to 30, special parties and even tailgating food that is both good to the taste buds AND good for the body, they never disappoint.” Clinton P.
“Delicious pre-made meals made with quality ingredients. You can really taste the difference! Impeccable service from start to finish for those who value good healthy food without the hassle of preparing it.” Ekaterina S.
“Great food! Always extremely fresh and easy to heat up. Very creative meals and recipes with restaurant quality tastes. Highly recommend for anyone trying to save some time on cooking or people trying to eat restaurant-quality food during the week from the comfort of their home.” Joseph R.
“We have used this personal chef service for more than ten years and have been consistently pleased with the experience.” Edrea K.
“The Pickled Beet is AMAZING! Food quality is exceptional from a very professional business that focuses on healthy, organic food with remarkable flavor. I highly recommend them! Lisa P.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a personal chef cost?
View our Personal Chef Services page to discover our base pricing for a variety of service options. While meal prep services give you a blanket price quote that doesn’t include their delivery or hidden fees, we take time to do things differently so there are no surprises.

Take 5 minutes to fill out our food questionnaire and we’ll start on your personalized quote right away to discuss during your free consultation.

Since your weekly service is completely customized down to the grocery selection, food restrictions, and delivery range, we can give you a much more accurate price quote during your call with our executive chef.

What cities do you deliver to?

Miami, Pinecrest, Coral Gables, South Miami, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Downtown Miami, Brickell, Midtown, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Homestead, Doral, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Kendall, Wilton Manor, Weston, Boynton Beach, Jupiter, Stuart, and Palm Beach Gardens.

Don’t see your city listed? Call us at 305-388-3536 to see what we can do.

What kind of food do you cook?
If you crave it, we can cook it. Click here to view our sample menus and get a sense of how we cook for a variety of lifestyles and restriction diets.

Our professional chefs are experts in a variety of cuisines including Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Thai, Cuban, Chinese, American, Spanish, Greek, Middle Eastern, and more. All menus are custom designed for you every service.

Do you really use organic ingredients?
Yes! We start every recipe with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. When you heat your meals, they’ll taste like they just came out of the oven. 

We believe better ingredients translate to better nutrition, and even better flavor. We care about the quality of the food our clients eat each week, so all of our ingredients are organic, grass-fed, wild-caught, and even local to Florida whenever possible.

Are the meals frozen?
Never! In most cases, the meals are meant to be stored in your refrigerator until mealtime. Many of them can be successfully frozen if that’s your preference.
Will you cook my family’s favorite recipes?
Sure! This is a customized service that we’re happy to accommodate, especially around the holidays or when family is in town. Our culinary team designs your weekly menu based on the flavors of your favorite meals, so we’re happy to include recipes you know and love.
I already have a nutritionist or medical team supervising my diet. How do you fit in?
We can partner with your existing medical team to design a meal service that complements your treatment, diagnosis protocol, or health goal.
Do you cook in my kitchen?

We used to, but we found that the majority of clients didn’t want us camping out in their kitchen for 5-6 hours every week to prepare their meals. Now we cook in our very own dedicated gluten free kitchen! We are the only company we know of in Miami that can provide this level of safety and quality for our clients with Celiac Disease or suffering from severe food allergies.

Contact us if you’re in-town! You’re always welcome to come by for a visit.