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Chef Liz was one of four finalists selected from among hundreds of applicants in the NBC 6 and Little Palm Island Chef’s Challenge. Her original recipe, Sautéed Snapper on a Bed of Grilled Romaine with Salsa Fresca, was featured in a live segment on the South Florida Today show. View the video.

Lucia’s Personal Chef Service received the People’s Choice Award for Best Chili in Miami at the 2007 annual Pinecrest Gardens Chili Cook-Off.

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What kind of food do you cook?
A variety of cuisines including Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, American, Spanish, Greek, Middle Eastern, and more. I'll cook comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese or more upscale dishes, such as sesame crusted tuna or rolled flank steak, depending on your preferences. Take a look at some sample menus I've prepared.

Will you cook my family's favorite recipes?
Sure. Depending on the dish and the frequency of your service, I may have to adjust some recipes a little to make them freezer-friendly, but I would be happy to add them to your menu plan.

Do you cook in my kitchen?
Yes. I prepare all meals in your kitchen. On your scheduled cook date, I'll arrive at your house with all the groceries, pots, pans, and utensils I need. I'll prepare everything, package it in labeled containers, and store it in your refrigerator and freezer.

Can't you just deliver the food to me?
No. In the State of Florida it's illegal for me to cook food in my kitchen for commercial purposes. If I rented time in a commercial kitchen, I would have to pass along the cost to my clients. 

Will the food taste fresh?
Yes. I will prepare your meals, cool them, and package them using proven methods endorsed by the United States Personal Chef Association. When you heat them, they'll taste like they were just cooked. For the ultimate in freshness, you can elect the Fresh Service Package.

What constitutes a "meal"?
An entrée and side dish. Entrée-only service also is available.

What kind of sides do you prepare?
I plan side dishes that will complement your entrée and provide you with a variety of tastes, textures, and colors in each meal. Check out sample menus for more information.

Are all the meals frozen?
No. I typically store meals in the refrigerator for the first few days. Dishes to be consumed after that will be frozen.

How long will the food last in my freezer?
Most dishes are fine for at least a month and some can be frozen for a few months.

What kind of containers do you use?
Disposable (or reusable) microwave and oven-safe containers.   

How much space will the containers require?
That depends on the service plan and number of family members, but usually one shelf in the refrigerator and freezer is sufficient.

In a two-week service, the meals the second week are the same as those in the first week. Don't your clients get tired of eating the same dishes?
No, because the average family has seven recipes in their repertoire. Plus, with my service they're not eating any repeated meals in a six month period. My clients routinely request repeats of their favorite recipes.

Do I have to be home while you're there?
No. Most of my clients are not home when I'm there. They provide me with keys and the alarm code when necessary. You can trust that I'll treat your home better than my own and will safeguard your personal information. 

I'm not comfortable having a stranger in my house when I'm not home. How do I know you won't steal from me? Are you bonded?
I understand this sentiment, but you can rest assured knowing that I’m a long-standing resident and business owner in the local community. I can provide references upon request. Bonding protects business owners against dishonest or negligent acts by their employees while on a third party's premises. Since I have no employees, bonding is not necessary.

Are you licensed? Insured?
Yes. I operate my business in compliance with all local laws. I have a liability insurance policy that provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and products.

How long will you be in my house?
It depends on the menu and the number of dishes, but the service usually takes four to seven hours to complete.

Can I watch while you cook?
Sure, but please understand that preparing multiple entrées and side dishes takes considerable concentration. While I'm happy to answer the occasional question, I cannot conduct a cooking class while I'm performing your service.

What does your service fee include?
Menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, pantry items (spices, oils, and vinegars,) food packaging, and kitchen clean up.

I want someone to cook for me every day. Do you do that?
No, that's a private chef. Private chefs usually cook for only one client. Personal chefs have several clients.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No. You're welcome to try the service to determine if it fits your lifestyle.

Who is Lucia?
Lucia was my great grandmother who immigrated here from Italy. She and my great grandfather had a huge garden in the backyard. They raised all of their own produce, canning as many as 200 jars of tomatoes by the end of the season. Nannie, as I called her, made all of her own breads, pastas, and pizzas from scratch. Vegetables were fresh and seasoned with garlic, fresh herbs, and good-quality olive oil. They never ate prepared foods or ingested chemicals and preservatives commonly found in convenience food products. Her cooking style formed the basis for my own philosophy: Start with fresh, high-quality ingredients, prepare them using healthy cooking methods, and eat balanced meals for maximum nutrition.

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